For the host

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It’s easy to start earning money from your property

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    1. Easy-to-use host application

    We ask you for basic details about your home and neighborhood to help us evaluate your property’s family-friendliness. We also request casual shots to provide a visual idea of your space... Please note all contact details are kept confidential until you approve a booking request.

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    2. Manage your host profile

    Subject to Kid & Coe approval, we’ll ask you to help us compile your host profile. This will include your rates, availability, and property and neighborhood details that make a visiting family feel at home away from home.

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    3. Accept or decline guests

    As a host, you’re in full control of your calendar. You set your rate and currency, and we do the rest. All booking requests are submitted directly to you, and our easy to use communication and calendar tools help keep it simple.

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    4. 100% Secure Payment

    We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment. All credit card transactions on our website are 100% secure using 128-bit SSL. We use a trusted third-party infrastructure provider to process payments and store any sensitive information. Host payments are made by bank transfer to your nominated account and are accompanied by statements clearly outlining all guest stays.