Community Rules

Kid & Coe is a network of families with shared beliefs and understandings. The strength of our community is the foundation that our business stands on and ultimately what makes it successful.

That said, we all have to agree to the same rules. They are:

  1. Do unto others.

    Treat your host’s home the way you would want yours treated.

    This is the guiding principle that we ask our community to uphold. Kid & Coe was designed for families, by families, and we expect you to be a responsible and respectful guest. We also understand that accidents can happen, which is why guests are asked to agree to a security deposit before their visit. We’ve all had our fair share of holidays gone wrong and we know that this process will help us build something better.

  2. Please remove shoes when inside the house.
  3. Please ensure children eat and drink while sitting down at the table. It’s better for them and helps prevent spills!
  4. Please ensure works of art are done at tables and that crayons don’t find their way onto walls or furniture.
  5. Please be respectful of surfaces and clean up after sticky fingers.
  6. Another tot’s toys can be pretty alluring, but if you find a stowaway in your children’s luggage, please post it back or contact the owner to reimburse them.
  7. Please only use the home as intended for you and your family. No late night raves, no work conventions, no impromptu neighborhood playspaces. Thanks.
  8. If you should accidentally break or damage anything, it is mandatory that you contact your host and the Kid & Coe team within 48 hours, sending a picture and description of the damage. Please see our security deposit policy for more information on this process.
  9. When you leave the property, please take the trash out. Nappies + Time = Bad News Bears.

The Kid & Coe community rules apply to all homes in the Kid & Coe network. If guests do not adhere to them, their security deposit or some part of it may be retained by the host family.