Tips for hosts

We’ve listed some suggestions on how to make sure your home attracts plenty of respectful, like-minded guests.

Working with kid & coe

  1. Please reply to your Kid & Coe guest inquiries as swiftly as possible. We ask that you address booking requests within 48 hours.
  2. Please use the Kid & Coe messaging system to further understand guest’s needs before finalizing a booking. To ensure a quality experience, only communicate and accept payments directly through Kid & Coe.
  3. Please keep your availability calender current. You will always have final say in accepting or declining booking requests.
  4. Make sure you’ve filled out all the details requested in the My Properties section of the site, including WiFi codes and neighborhood spots.

Before guests arrive

  1. Clean your house thoroughly to the best possible standard. We recommend booking a professional cleaner.
  2. It is expected that all homes will be clean, in good repair, with fresh linens and towels, along with basic cleaning supplies and paper goods. We offer a discount to our members with brand partners including The White Company. Contact for details.
  3. Walk through your home and remove any irreplaceable or valuable items. Place these items in a locked closet, a safe, or a lockable storage box.
  4. You might want to consider clearing away some family photos so the owners can feel more at home.
  5. Consider making space for your guest’s belongings – a cleared out drawer, space in the closet, or even a freestanding garment rack. Clear plastic boxes are a great idea for quickly stashing away items, and can be stacked and put out of reach.
  6. Clean the fridge of perishables, but think about leaving a little something for your guests: milk, tea, and coffee as a start, but perhaps a bottle of wine and some cookies to soothe the nerves of frazzled traveling parents.
  7. If you offer pre-shopping, let us know and we’ll add this to your listing information. In certain destinations, we can help organize: just ask!

After their stay

We’d love to get feedback on your host experience – please email with your thoughts.