Vacation rentals

How rental works

By listing your property, Kid & Coe offers the chance to make money while you’re away from home. Invite another family to enjoy your neighborhood, explore your city and get to know a new way of living. All of our homes have the option to list as a vacation rental, as an exchange property, or both.

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We can’t be there all the time and it’s such a shame to let a beautiful place be empty. We want people to enjoy the space, explore the area, appreciate the house and the area that we have chosen to have a home.
- Christina, Andalucía

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

There is an initial $99 editorial fee. This covers the cost of preparing a property listing for the site, including editorial, fact checking and photo editing. The Kid & Coe host fee is dependent on how the property is classified on our site. Corporate properties, or those with dedicated websites promoting the home, pay a 15% commission on Kid & Coe bookings. All other private listings pay a 10% processing fee on all bookings made through the site.

What's the payment process?

Kid & Coe will make payment to hosts on the first Friday after the stay has commenced. If a guest checks in on a Friday, full payment will be made to the host the following Friday. Kid & Coe will send you 100% of your nightly host rate, less the Kid & Coe admin fee.

Statements are available through your Kid & Coe account and clearly outline all guest stays and funds received during the previous 30-day period. Host payments are made by ACH/Direct Deposit, Bank transfer/International transfer or PayPal. Payment transfer fees are the responsibility of the host.

How are properties selected?

We are looking for properties that suit family travelers. We know that families come in different shapes and sizes, with children of different ages and temperaments, so our needs are varied.

We look for properties that are:

  • In a great location for family travelers
  • Safe and appropriate for children
  • Clean and well appointed
  • Decorated in a desirable style
  • Stocked with amenities that suit family travelers, for example cribs, high chairs and toys
  • Properties may not need to fulfil all of the above criteria; for example, a property in a fantastic location with beautiful decor may be included even if it does not have a high chair or crib, as it could suit families with older children.